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About Us

Odilia is a German word meaning Wealth / Fortune. Saint Odilia (or Odila) was an 8th-century nun who is considered the patron saint of Alsace. She was apparently born blind but gained sight when she was baptized.

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Most of the corporates manage their risk without any proper policy or plan. We at Odilia provide them a better insight about managing the Risk. Our Name Odilia and our tagline “Better insight” thus aptly describes our core values of enabling customers to extract full potential out of their business.


We, are a team of professionals with an average experience of more than 15 years in Finance and Advisory Business. Our experts come from various organizations, where they have gained knowledge and deep understanding of financial environment. Our Principle Objective is providing customised advise with excellent service, committing a relationship based on integrity, understanding, honesty and trust.


Unlike others, breaking away from the tradition, we are highly open and flexible to frequent communications and transparency.

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