Our Process

The Risk Management planning process is a holistic and in-depth exercise that requires you to devote some time and energy to it. At the end of the exercise, we assure you a sense of confidence and clarity about your financial goals, its timelines and the roadmap to achieving them.

step 1

Step 1

We start with a no-obligations introductory meeting or telephone discussion to understand your needs and give you an overview of our process. Once you are comfortable, we sign a client services agreement that outlines the scope of work, our deliverables and depth of the engagement.

Step 2

Our financial expert begins the process by meeting the Key professionals and stakeholders to understand the Business cycle and cash flows , current process of Risk assessment and strategies to mitigate it, your comfort and understanding of various financial products and your risk profile which are inputs for the creation of a tailor made comprehensive financial solution to Manage the Risk associated with the business.

step 2
step 3

Step 3

Detailed and comprehensive document, the Risk Management policy includes all details of your current procedure for managing Risk , our recommendations for improving the strategy. This document will give the company a detailed guideline on :

a) How to Manage the risk in Most efficient Manner
b) How to remodel the Balance Sheet and Borrowing Structure
c) How to minimize the cost of Company’s Borrowings
d) How to Maximize the yield on the investments

Step 4

We take responsibility for implementing the strategies recommended in the Risk Management policy. This includes taking part in your daily activity with Banks and other counterparties. So you outsource your Risk mitigation process to us and dedicate your quality time in managing the core business.

step 4
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