Unsecured Export Finance

For growing the Export Business, a Company needs :


  • Access to capital when needed
  • Assurance of payment
  • Ease of business (less documentation, simple processes)
  • Reliable transportation partner
  • Reach to newer markets



For centuries, international trade has separated the flow of goods from the flow of money. While this offers security; it also comes with a number of challenges:



Alignment of documents causes discrepancies in at least 20-30% of L/Cs


Timing differences

Time Consuming


Slow and manual Letter of Commitment (L/C) verification and documentation process


Long-drawn coordination between shipper and consignee in aligning the two separate processes


Documents need to pass multiple parties



High margin for error with too many parties and dependencies


Not adapted to the fast-paced digitized world



We provide a unique solution by way of unsecured Export Financing. Some key features of our proposition are:


No FD Lien Marking


No Collateral Property Mortgage


Reduces Processing time by funding at ICD (10-15 days earlier), helps you unlock capital much earlier in your supply chain


Saves time and cost in document handling and additional resources. Eliminates hassle and redundant documentation for financing


Shipping through a 100 year old Shipping Company with un-paralleled reach of 374 offices in 116 countries (covers major ports in almost every country in the world)

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